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What’s in our backpacks?

The hosts reveal their setups prepared for working outside the home. Michael’s home office is a mess and Rafal’s rediscovered his passion to soccer.

Journals and iPad dreams

We share our journaling systems and think about directions how iPad as a platform could evolve.

Podcast production process and security in our No Office

Rafal shares the recent improvements he's made to the podcast production process. Michael wrote a chapter of No Office book on cyber security.

No Roadmap

In this episode, Rafal describes the way we adopted Ryan Singer's Shape Up in the Nozbe product development and Michael shares the story of his winning battle against ...

Leading by context

Episode number 12 is here. Michael and Rafal talk about moving on from being a manager to being a leader who is helping the team and not managing.

Direction and Home Screens for 2021

In the first episode of 2021 Michael and Rafal discuss their takeaways from yearly review and their home screens on iPad and iPhone. Check it out for getting some idea...

Merry Christmas

In the last episode of the year 2020, Rafal and Michael wish you a merry Christmas and share what they have been working on recently. They also talk about the importan...

Building your Home Office

Rafal and Michael take a look at Rafal's home office and discuss how to arrange a productivity-boosting and pleasant home office.

Weekend Wednesday and new Nozbe Teams features

In today's espisode Rafal and Michael talk about recent updates to our apps, Black Friday offer and planning your workweek to be more productive.

The Pyramid Of Communication

In today's espisode Rafal and Michael discuss how we optimize communication processes in our company

Virtual Reunion

In the 6th episode of the No Office podcast, Michael and Rafal share their opinions and conclusions after first ever Virtual Nozbe Reunion

How we deal with email

In the 5th episode of the NO Office podcast, Michael and Rafal share their tips and tricks on how to manage emails and what's the best solution for internal team commu...

Webinar: Achieve team success by working differently

In this episode we share an audio version of our webinar we had last Wednesday.


What is dogfooding and how we optimize it in our team Firstly, don't worry - we're not changing our eating habits at Nozbe. It's just that we are always the first t...

Small Teams

What are the benefits of runing a small team and using the services/products delivered by small teams. In the 2nd episode of the No Office podcast Michael and Rafal...

Why there is no office?

Here is our new podcast entirely dedicated to remote work and running a business without an office. Rafał and Michael will talk about the way the Nozbe team have worke...

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