What is Nozbe?

One of Nozbe users said: “It is a tool to get things organized and done.” Basically, that’s it. And since 2007, we have been continuously working on improving the Nozbe productivity system, which is appreciated by hundreds of thousands of individuals and teams from all over the world. Not only do we offer apps for all popular platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS), but we also offer friendly support and educational materials to help our customers achieve success while living a more balanced and better organized life.

How do we work?

We believe that work is not a place to go, but a thing to do. At Nozbe, we all work remotely. As we do not have a central office, we require a good method for internal communication. Therefore, we communicate through tasks and comments in the Nozbe app.

About our podcast

We started No Office podcast as this is our favorite way of sharing our experience of running fully remote company, building Nozbe and work-life balance. From time to time we like to discuss technology topics on the show as we are both geeks.

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