The iPadOnly Home Office of Augusto Pinaud

In this 24th ep. of the *No Office* podcast we talk to Augusto Pinaud whose home office set up and productivity tips will make you go woow
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Key things you will learn from this episode:
- How many computers does Augusto actually work on :scream: 
- How important it is to enter a certain mind mode when working on various tasks
- Why you should show your productivity system to someone else
- Organizational productivity is not about who can or can’t do something - it is about: how we can do this best together.

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Meet the Hosts
Rafał Sobolewski (@sobolowy)
Michael Sliwiński (@msliwinski)
Show notes
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Creators and Guests

Michael Sliwinski
Michael Sliwinski
Leading @Nozbe #productivity app | Writing #NoOffice book on #iPadOnly | Blog: | Husband & father of 3. 🐘 Find me at
Augusto Pinaud
Augusto Pinaud
Bilingual Coach| I help you create small changes that produce big impact!
The iPadOnly Home Office of Augusto Pinaud
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