Michael Sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski

Leading @Nozbe #productivity app | Writing #NoOffice book on #iPadOnly | Blog: https://t.co/vRZY2YrzsE | Husband & father of 3. 🐘 Find me at https://t.co/hHsFpUHwle

Appears in 44 Episodes

Roles of founders in a software company

You've got to listined to this episode if you've ever been caught up in great stories about startups and entrepreneurs who raised venture capital got lavish in luxury!...

Apple Vision Pro with Augusto Pinaud

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Talking with customers

Tadam! Michael and Rafal are back. In this episode, our hosts talk about interviewing customers, which every company or product owner should do to grow their business....

GTD for Teams & Holocracy with David Allen

Here is a reunion of David Allen, author of the GTD methodology and Michael who created the first GTD-based productivity app. They talk about the post-pandemic reality...

Product Camp and WWDC

Why bother with the time and expense of live conferences while there are so many great ways to improve your skills these days? Rafal will tell you about it based on hi...

Work From Anywhere

Moving from your office to another place where you can do your job or associating a given place with a particular type of work can help you beat procrastination and he...

Weekly Review

See how to organize your work, to direct your endeavours and boost your productivity thanks to regular weekly reviews.The purpose of the review isn’t to try and fit mo...

Write stuff down

When your brain isn't busy remembering everything, it works better, your creativity skyrockets and your stress level goes down. Writing things down is the first and mo...

Setup for hybrid work

Future is hybrid. Now it is for sure.  Office used to be a tool for the company management while it should be a tool for employees to get their work done in the most e...

4-day workweek in Nozbe

After a serious introduction involving the war, Ukraine being invaded by Russia and the disinformation we must fight, Michael and Rafal tell you everything about the 4...

The year of bicycle

We discussed 15 years of running #NoOffice company and our plans for 2022.⭐️ Key things you will learn from this episode:What we learned after 15 years of running #NoO...

iPad mini - #MightyFriday catalyst

We discuss today how iPad mini helps Rafal to have more productive Fridays.⭐️ Key things you will learn from this episode:Why Rafal and Michael have been really tired ...

Desk setup optimized for 14-inch MacBook Pro

In the first episode of 2022 we discuss Rafal's new MacBook Pro 14-inch and changes in his Home Office.⭐️ Key things you will learn from this episode:Why Michael's enj...

Appetite for a feature

This is the last episode in 2021. Michael and Rafal share what they learned designing, developing and releasing 45 updates of Nozbe Teams this year.

We canceled Design Fight meeting

In Nozbe, we believe that most meetings are toxic and would better be replaced by asynchronous communication. And although we’re pretty radical in this approach, we ma...

Sunsetting iPadOnly setup

Have you thought of working only on your iPad? Using iPad as your only or main computer? Watch this episode to see if such an approach is effective for everyone and ho...

Unleash like a PRO

Back in their home offices, our hosts are being very smart 🤓 about the latest Apple event. See what they think of a new MacBook PRO, new AirPods and new M1 chips.

No Office podcast is back

The No Office podcast is back after the summer break! The first episode of the series, is a special episode recorded during our company meeting #NozbeReunion.

Holiday tech gear

🎉 Today we celebrate 1 year of recording this very show and we talked about tech we use on holidays 😎

Ideas for process & productivity improvement

In this 25th ep. of the *No Office* podcast we tackle several productivity- and tech-related topics. All of them are pretty practical, so come and watch or listen ASAP.

The iPadOnly Home Office of Augusto Pinaud

In this 24th ep. of the *No Office* podcast we talk to Augusto Pinaud whose home office set up and productivity tips will make you go woow

Best tips to successful workation

This is the 23rd episode of the No Office podcast in which we tackle the topic of workation.

How to foster focused work

This is the 22nd episode of the No Office podcast! Listen to our practical tips to getting yourself to work in focus and planning a fruitful week.

Double Win

This is the 21st episode of the No Office podcast! See exactly how we implement the strategies from Michael Hyatt’s book Win at Work and Succeed at Life.

How to win at work and succeed at life with Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt and Michael Sliwinski discuss the first Michael's 😂 latest book he co-wrote with his daughter Megan Hyatt Miller. See what practical tips the authors of ...

What we can learn from Basecamp mistake

We discuss how our role models from Basecamp failed as leaders and what we can learn from this situation.

How to reunite with the team from home

The 2nd Nozbe Virtual Reunion has just finished and here are the lessons learned from this online company retreat. Rafal and Michael also talk about new iMacs and iPad...

Meetings are regular, optional and well-prepared

Find out what is the only secret behind fruitful meetings in our #NoOffice company. In any company, actually!

What’s in our backpacks?

The hosts reveal their setups prepared for working outside the home. Michael’s home office is a mess and Rafal’s rediscovered his passion to soccer.

Journals and iPad dreams

We share our journaling systems and think about directions how iPad as a platform could evolve.

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