Lean manufacturing in software product development

Rafał invited Radek (CTO) to talk about his work and how our team implements Kaizen improvements to maintain ability to ship updates to users every week.

⭐️  Key things you will learn from this episode:
  • Why Radek's work is focused on performance?
  • How lean manufacturing can be implemented in software development?
  • How spending less time on building features allows us to ship more features?
  • What is Horizon Expanding Month?
  • What is Radek's favorite feature in Nozbe?
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Creators and Guests

Rafał Sobolewski
Rafał Sobolewski
I work remotely #NoOffice and build Nozbe for almost 10 years. 🚄 I'm really into: bikes, trams, trains and urban planning. ⚽️📷 My other hobbies/interests are: #Apple #tech #football #soccer #fcbarcelona #photogtaphy #mobilePhotography 🇵🇱🇺🇸🇪🇸 I speak english, spanish and polish (native). Get in touch 👋
Radek Pietruszewski
Radek Pietruszewski
CTO @Nozbe. Speed is a feature.🐘 @radex@hackerspace.plJack of all trades. @BeamValley @hackerspacepl @TadamApp prev: @thepodcastfm, @radex_io.
Lean manufacturing in software product development
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