Talking with customers

Tadam! Michael and Rafal are back. In this episode, our hosts talk about interviewing customers, which every company or product owner should do to grow their business.

⭐️ Key things you will learn from this episode:

- Why you should talk to your customers
- How to conduct the interviews with people who use your products or services
- What information you want to get from these online meetings with your customers
- Why is it essential to use the 5 Whys method and dig to the source of the problem customers mention.
- How new Nozbe time parameters work and what other new features we've recently introduced in Nozbe.

We try to avoid meetings in our company. If we allow them to happen, they should be: optional, regular, and well-prepared. And so are the meetings we have with our customers. See in what way.

⏭️ Chapters:

  • (00:00) - 🎶 INTRO
  • (00:28) - 📈 Podcast and data
  • (01:17) - 💛 Feedback from customers
  • (04:07) - 🤝 Meetings with customers
  • (16:13) - 🧘‍♀️ Work Life Balance in Nozbe
  • (18:27) - 🆕 New Features 🎉
  • (26:03) - 💪 #MightyFriday

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Michael Sliwinski
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Rafał Sobolewski
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Talking with customers
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