GTD for Teams & Holocracy with David Allen

Here is a reunion of David Allen, author of the GTD methodology and Michael who created the first GTD-based productivity app. They talk about the post-pandemic reality in organizations and try to figure out the best way to introduce holocracy and GTD in a team.  

  • (00:00) - ๐ŸŽถ INTRO
  • (00:33) - Guest Introduction
  • (02:48) - GTD after pandemic
  • (05:45) - Weekly Review
  • (12:47) - Holocracy and GTD
  • (26:52) - David's work today
  • (30:10) - Outro

"GTD"! Sounds familiar? 

If so, then get the latest updates and tips from its "father" - David Allen himself. 
If no, then get to know one of the best productivity methodologies and find out what it takes to get organized.

Michael wants to know about GTD for teamsโ€ฆ David always emphasizes that:

1. capture, 
2. clarify, 
3. organize, 
4. reflect, 
5. engage

โ€”are the steps that successful teams do to maintain control and focus.

Find out what other tips he offers and how he thinks holocracy works in companies and how to introduce it in an organization.

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Creators and Guests

Michael Sliwinski
Michael Sliwinski
Leading @Nozbe #productivity app | Writing #NoOffice book on #iPadOnly | Blog: | Husband & father of 3. ๐Ÿ˜ Find me at
David Allen
David Allen
Originator of GTD, founder of David Allen Co.
GTD for Teams & Holocracy with David Allen
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